Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Select the Perfect Birth Announcements

Even in a world of social media and email, birth announcements remain a popular and memorable way for parents to announce the birth of a new baby. Announcements are a great way to spread the word to friends and family who aren't entirely internet-savvy, and they also provide a great keepsake to include in a baby book or scrapbook. Once the baby is born, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time and energy to personalize the perfect announcement, so it can be helpful for parents to think about what their perfect birth announcements might look like in advance. So, what makes the perfect birth announcement?

Birth announcements are personal, which is why finding a style that suits the family's personality is the most important part of selecting the perfect announcements. Finding the right style or theme can be done during the pregnancy so that when the baby arrives, only small details are left to finish. Even the most beautiful announcement can feel awkward if it doesn't reflect the family's personal style. Parents should consider whether they're style is simple and elegant, over-the-top extravagant or somewhere in between. Poems and verses included on the announcements are another reflection of the family's style that can add a personal touch.

While considering style options, parents should also set a budget for their ideal birth announcements. The budget should refer to both time and money. For example, creative parents who are short on cash can budget in extra time for creating unique, handcrafted announcements. Many stationary shops and websites offer pre-made birth announcement designs; parents simply fill in their babies' information. These types of announcements can range from very simple and cost effective to intricate and expensive. Custom-designed announcements will cost the most, but can be the most efficient option for parents with time constraints. Double-sided printing can raise the price of any stationary, so cost-conscious parents should opt for a single-sided announcement. Vellum overlay and any sort of assembly done by the designer can also raise the cost of announcements, so it's best to shop around and set a budget early.

Deciding whether to include a picture of the new baby can also play a role in creating ideal birth announcements. While professional photographs increase costs, a home photo session might take up time that the parents don't have. Options can be limited for newborn photographs, which is why many parents opt to wait a few months before sending out professional photos. And with photo-sharing websites allowing parents to share an endless amount of baby photos, including a picture with an announcement has become entirely optional.

Selecting announcements can be an overwhelming process, but getting an early start can help parents make informed decisions before the sleepless nights of early parenthood. Finding a balance between personal style and budget can help any parents choose the perfect birth announcements to reflect their family.

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